Monday, March 16, 2015

Hair Salons in Stroudsburg, PA Tips to Spice up a Teeny Weeny ‘Fro

Long, flowing lustrous hair is often considered the universal symbol of beauty and femininity. Such an ideal, however, tends to elude many African-American women, whose hair appear much shorter because of its natural coil. To achieve these coveted locs, most of them have resorted to a variety of unnatural treatments and prosthetics which, when applied excessively, have the potential to damage the hair. Fortunately, they have the option of going for the Teeny Weeny Afro aka the Big Chop. There are two primary reasons for this: to start over by chopping their damaged locs and; to feel freedom from the conventions of femininity. If in the past, TWA was being viewed as an unattractive hairstyle, women nowadays, are taking a second look at it because of its fresh, unfettered, and on-the-go appeal.